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The University of Chicago has been designated as one of only nine Centers of Advance Research by American Parkinson Disease Association in 2007. The Center supports innovative ideas of scientists who are not in the field of PD research within The University of Chicago Medicine and apply them to understand and treat Parkinson's disease.

Both national and local Midwest chapters have been actively interacting with the Center ( Local chapters are active in patient education, support of patients and caregivers, as well as support for research. A description of the APDA funded research can be found on the APDA website.

Information about the recent symposium can be also found on their website ( and summarized below with videos of the presentations.


Un Jung Kang, MD
"PD Research at the University of Chicago: From Mice to Men, from Genes to Brains"

Dr. Kang is a Professor, and Associate Chair of Neurology at The University of Chicago Medicine. A clinician scientist, he specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and research of Parkinson's. Dr. Kang is also Director of the APDA Advanced Center for Parkinson's Disease Research at The University of Chicago Medicine and serves on review committees and advisory boards for the NIH and various PD foundations.

Cynthia Comella MD
Sheryl Jedlinski (patient advocate)
"It Takes Two to Tango: Successful Doctor-Patient Relationships"

Dr. Comella is a Professor in the Department of Neurological Sciences, Rush University Medical Center, Chicago. She also serves in leadership positions for the Movement Disorders Society, the Parkinson Study Group, and the American Academy of Neurology. Her current research is focused on whether exercise modifies PD progression. Sheryl Jedlinski is a patient advocate, professional writer. Vice President of Communication for the APDA Midwest Chapter Board, and co-founder of and

Michael Rezak, MD PhD
"Update on Treatments for Parkinson's Disease"

Dr. Rezak is the Medical Director of and practices exclusively at the Movement Disorders Center and the Movement Disorders Functional Neurosurgery Program at the Neurosciences Institute of Central DuPage Hospital. He also serves as Medical Director for the APDA National Young Onset Center, Information and Referral Center (IL and northern IN), and Midwest Chapter; and the Parkinson's Disease Research Society.

Martha Trieschmann McGraw MD
"I'm too tired to exercise!" (Sleep and exercise in PD)"

Dr. McGraw is a Movement Disorders Specialist with the Movement Disorders Center at Central DuPage Hospital. She completed her residency in neurology, and fellowships in clinical neurophysiology and movement disorders at Brown University. Her interests are in the treatment of Parkinson's Disease, young onset Parkinson's, and dystonia.

Theresa J. Zesiewicz MD
"Non-Motor Symptoms in Parkinson's Disease"

Dr. Zesiewicz is a Professor in the Department of Neurology and Director of the Ataxia Research Center at the University of South Florida, A movement disorders expert, she sees almost 2,500 patients per year and has been involved with scores of clinical trials. She holds leadership positions for the American Academy of Neurology.